Taiwan Jiang Ming worm reducer
SEW reducer
Our torque limiter
Italy IMS tool
Japan KANA chain /KCM chain
Taiwan Beiyi clutch / gear head
Taiwan blower
Black King Kong fan
Japan Mitsubishi plate motor
Germany SEW AC motor
Taiwan East yuan motor
Taiwan PEI-EI motor
SPG small motors
Italy VARVEL reducer
Germany KTR Couplings Couplings & Taiwan C-KING
Italian Deyang Series
SEW helical gearmotors
Italian energy efficient aluminum motor CHI
Italy B & M temperature motor
Tonic Gear Speed ​​Motor & Taiwan Tian Li gear speed electrical
Italy CHI reducer
SITI worm gear
Bonfiglioli worm reducer
Italy MOTOVARIO reducer
Taiwan, Jiang Ming gear reducer
Taiwan Tonic gear motors
BBM Gear Motor
Italian Deyang brake motor
SEW brake motor / energy efficient motors / helical gearmotors
MGM brake motors
Italy COEL brake motor
Italy SEIMEC brake motor / SEIPEE brake motor
Italy CHI speed spindle motor
ELTE speed spindle (motor)
Italy SEIMEC Saw motor (motor)

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Electrical Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, a sea initially established in 1985 as a fall in the mechanical and electrical industries Mongkok, Hong Kong has reached eighteen years, has been committed for the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong around the drive to provide quality equipment and advanced technology, after-sales service, as the Mainland rapid economic development, the company moved in 2010 in Dongguan, Guangdong, for domestic customers to provide fast, accurate product demand and services Haichuang adhering to overseas products and innovation for the purpose of realization of products to meet market demand, while high the theoretical value for money ..
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